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April 26, 2016

Spring cankerworms!

Ahhhh Spring in St. Louis; beautiful flowers, dogwoods are blooming, everything is budding out and turning green! And the canker worms.  If you have been outside lately, you may have noticed little worms hanging from your trees suspended by a silky thread – and they are everywhere! Also know as inchworms, these cute little guys are abundant this spring. The trees they love include: elm, apple, hackberry, basswood, oak, boxelder, maple, and ash trees as well as any shrubs growing beneath these trees. You may see these little worms climbing on the siding of your house, on your patio furniture, and on doors and walkways.  A few mature cankerworms can do some major damage to the leaves of your trees, as they feed and lay their eggs.  Give us a call to come out and spray before your trees become overwhelmed!

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