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May 18, 2016

Save the Water! Benefits of Harvesting Rainwater

The upcoming landscape trends for 2016 are all about water! Water conservation, water retention, rain barrels, rain gardens, permeable landscaping, and drought resistant plants are a few of the most popular trending topics. All parts of the country are currently facing problems with water: either an overabundance or a lack of, and people are thinking about how to incorporate the extra water into their landscapes or deal with the shortage. Here in Missouri, we have the perfect situation for harvesting rainwater: wet springs and hot, dry summers with a bit of flooding mixed in. We want our customers to evaluate their water usage and see if a rain garden or a rain barrel is something you could incorporate into your landscape. Rainwater harvesting can be as simple as redirecting your downspouts.



The US uses over 346 billion gallons of fresh water every day.
The average American uses 400 gallons of water per day; 30% of this is used for outdoor purposes.
Washing a car uses 50 gallons of water per wash.
Watering a lawn uses an average of 300 gallons per watering.
Toilet flushing is the biggest use of water in the US, using 1/3 of our potable water.



Rainwater is slightly acidic, thus better for your plants. Capturing rainwater helps mitigate storm-water runoff that can pollute waterways. It typically saves money on water bills and reduces flooding and erosion. Harvesting rainwater provides a water source for landscapes even when water use is restricted.

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