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Sweetgum Fruit Reductions - Metropolitan Forestry Services

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We follow closely what goes on in our landscapes - here are some of the things we are seeing.

Sweetgum tree seed capsules or ‘gum balls’ are a major nuisance.  The good news is that they can be reduced with the aid of Florel fruit reduction spray.  We have found this spray to be effective on many trees with 80 to 90% reduction rates in typical years.  However there are some specifications that you should be aware of before we spray your sweetgum tree.

  • Timing of the sprays is critical. There is a narrow window of application when the trees are flowering that they must be sprayed at.  This time varies by location of the tree, the genetics of the tree, and weather and other environmental factors.
  • Metropolitan Forestry sprays the entire tree all the time. The only reason that the top or bottom of the canopy may react different to the spray is that the flowers on the top of the canopy may be at a different development stage then the flowers toward the bottom of the canopy.  If for some reason we are not able to reach the entire canopy we will notify you beforehand.
  • Some sweetgums in your yard may not be sprayable. We will not spray trees with sensitive plants nearby or if the tree is too close to a structure or pool.•  We will not spray if cars are in close proximity to the trees.  Please help and have them moved before we arrive.
  • Due to uncontrollable weather related problems and the varied physiology of sweetgum trees, we cannot guarantee complete elimination.

MFS makes it our mission to ensure that your sweetgum trees will be sprayed in the most opportune time that will deliver the most favorable results.  If for some reason that window of opportunity is not open due to any of the above mentioned factors we will not spray and we will not charge you.

For a pdf copy of this information sheet click: Sweetgum Fruit Reductions

"Thank you so much for all the information you provide – the watering information, the emails and the flier. I read it all and have learned so much."

– Cynthia K.

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