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Native Missouri Oaks - Metropolitan Forestry Services

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Sturdy, enduring, beautiful, and beneficial to your yard and the ecosystem

Oak trees are some of the most valuable assets for the timber industry, spirit aging barrels, wildlife value, as well as for their shade and mighty structure in landscapes. Its wildlife benefits are atounding: over 900 species of lepidoptera caterpillars and several species of parasitic wasps, both essential to the ecosystem as pollinators, food for a vast number of birds and mammals, and predators of pest insects. As a larger tree, they absorb pollutants and create a cooling effect by providing shade and transpiring water vapor. During a 50-year lifespan, an oak can sequester 3,000-10,000 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere! The Oak genus (Quercus) can be divided into two groups: the white and red oaks. Native species provide benefits both as landscape specimens and forest plantings, and hybrids make these powerhouse plants idea for the urban environment. Each species is unique and should be planted with careful consideration: Always plant “the right tree in the right place” so that the site emulates it natural growing conditions and the tree has the best opportunity to thrive.

The White Oak Group

White oaks are prized for their dense wood and water-tight quality, so they are used nearly exclusively as aging barrels. Acorns from white oaks mature in a single year and generally contain less tannins then red oaks, making them more desired by wildlife. Its leaves have smooth rounded lobes and its bark is furrowed and light gray in color.  White oak species native to Missouri include:

The Red Oak Group

The red oak group generally has more showy hues for fall color. The acorns take two years to mature. Leaves have pointed lobes, with exception of the willow and shingle oaks.  Bark on most species is generally rough and deeply furrowed, with a slightly darker color that white oaks. Red oak species native to Missouri include:

For a pdf copy of this fact sheet : Native Missouri Oaks

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